Early morning productivity

I think my body is going through some weird change right now. We went to sleep around 3am last night, and I woke up at 4:30am to feed Jacob (who was fussing, and had been asleep for nearly three hours because he has sense) and then woke up again at 5:30am, feeling like I wanted to get up and do things.

Now, obviously, the two and a half hours of very interrupted sleep I got was not nearly enough, and yet I still found myself wanting to get up so I could finish working on the wrap I’m making. I’ve never serged/overstitched an edge before, and my mind kept insisting that 5:30am was a wonderful time to practice – both the husband and the baby were asleep, so no one would need my help or attention! Of course, the idea was patently ridiculous and I forced myself back to sleep.

I must admit, my sewing leaves a lot to be desired. I made two waterproof baby pads to put under Jacob during our daytime naps. I somehow haven’t worked up the courage for him to be completely diaper-free during the night, probably because I wouldn’t actually get good sleep worrying that he was going to roll off the pad onto the bed and pee all over me. I don’t mind sacrificing good sleep during our shared nap, though, because I know how much more comfortable he is without a diaper on. He sleeps longer and much more restfully. Nobody ever said EC would be easy.

I was up again around 9am to potty and feed Jacob, and once I’d gotten him back to sleep, I couldn’t seem to relax so I got up and baked.

It seems like I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately… all pastries and desserts. I’ve been abusing the Sweet Muffin recipe again, but it takes it so well. It’s really more of a base recipe, something I can build on to make a variety of different muffins, but it’s such a delicious base that I forgive it.

I ended up making blueberry muffins and chocolate chip muffins. I know they’ll be gone in a day or two, so I suppose I should start researching something else to make. I’ve done chocolate chip cookies and muffins to death lately – maybe it’s time to research a good scone? Or be truly brave and try make cinnamon rolls? Everyone is going to be big as houses around here if I don’t start baking something a little bit healthier.

I’ve been breaking out in itchy red welts the last day or so… could I be this hyperactive because I have too much histamine? I mean, if antihistamines make me exhausted, would histamine crank me up? Is that question completely silly?

I have been missing my novels more and more lately. It’s been at least three months since I was able to work on one. I suppose I could work while the baby sleeps, but blogging seems much more baby-nap applicable. I don’t feel as bad leaving a chunk of thoughts unfinished when they’re just rambling, and not an organized story.

Speaking of sleeping babies, Jacob is starting to stir and grumble next to me on the bed; he is probably ready to have a potty and nurse again.


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